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Wolf Bite Wednesday (Alarm Clocks)

There really should be a better way to be woken up than by an alarm clock.  Actually, it bugs me that we need alarm clocks at all.  Back in the day, people naturally woke up when they woke up, which was generally dawn-ish.  With the advent of electric lights though we’ve all thrown our sleep cycles out of whack.  I wouldn’t want to let go of technology, and I enjoy being able to be awake for 19 hours a day, but you’d think science would have come up with a way for us to get the amount of sleep we need in fewer hours by now.  But no.  We have to get by with caffeine and the buzzing of alarms that sometimes just epically fail to wake us up.  Maybe if there was some way to inject caffeine into us at a certain time so that we just woke up semi-naturally, already alert due to the caffeine coursing through our veins.  Now that’s an idea science needs to get on!

In the meantime, maybe I should invest in one of those super-loud alarm clocks that actively moves away from you.  When even the cat hitting you in the head fails to wake you up, you know you gotta do something.

  1. March 17, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Whats worse than just the alarm clock was the invention of the snooze button, I can’t resist pressing it. It is so bad now that I have to set my alarm an hour early because it is very likely I will keep pressing snooze for up to an hour haha. I don’t think here in Britain we could rely on the daylight because we change our clocks, so half way through the year you would be mucked up again!

    • March 17, 2010 at 11:57 am

      The snooze button! How could I forget to gripe about that!

      We change our clocks too, but back in the day when folks lived with the daylight, they just naturally adjusted to the changing dawn/dusk times. 😉

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