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Shopping Love: Excessively Diverting on Etsy

One of my fairly long-term online friends, Lisa, aka @pnkrcklibrarian, recently announced that she was opening her own store on one of my favorite handmade/vintage websites: Etsy.  Her shop is Excessively Diverting, and I must say, when I went to check it out, I was quite blown away at my friend’s artistic ability!

Now, I know a bunch of my readers are Jane Austen fans.  So is Lisa, and that is reflected everywhere in her items that are available so far.

Jane Austen pin

From pins featuring Austen quotes

Jane Austen ornament.

To Christmas decorations featuring entire chapters of Pride and Prejudice

Best of all, Lisa is offering a special deal available only to my readers.  Just enter the code “OOW20” in the new coupon code box on Etsy before proceeding to PayPal, and you’ll receive 20% off!  Plus, all shipping is free until December 16th.

So, all you lovely, Jane Austen fans, be sure to check Excessively Diverting out.  It comes with my highest recommendations!

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