Reading Group / Book Club Discussion Guides

Screenshot of the title of a Discussion Guide.

Having a thoughtful and productive Reading Group or Book Club discussion requires planning and guidance. With my Discussion Guides, I give you the tools you need to lead your group.

Each Discussion Guide is a beautifully graphic designed 2 page PDF that contains:

  • An icebreaker specific to this book
  • 9 discussion questions based out of this specific book arranged from least to most challenging.
    Choose as many or as few as you wish to discuss.
  • A wrap-up question specific to this book
  • 3 read-a-like book suggestions

The copyright on the Discussion Guides allows for you to distribute these questions privately within your reading group or book club, please do not re-upload this in a publicly accessible space online or otherwise distribute it outside of your reading group or book club.

Discussion Guides are currently available for the introductory price of $4.99. Click the title of the book to see the product information page. From there, you can purchase through PayPal.

Bear by Marian Engelfiction literary Canadian classicmy review
Homesick: Why I Live in a Shed by Catrina Daviesnonfiction memoirmy review
One Last Stop by Casey McQuistonfiction LGBTQIA+ scifi romancemy review
Wild Seed by Octavia Butlerfiction fantasymy review
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