Reading Group / Book Club Discussion Guides

Screenshot of the top of a pdf. It says, Getting Clean with Stevie Green by Swan Huntley. Reading Group / Book Club Discussion Guide
Genre: Fiction - LGBTQIA+ contemporary romance 
Copyright Amanda McNeil of

Having a thoughtful and productive Reading Group or Book Club discussion requires planning and guidance. With my Discussion Guides, I give you the tools you need to lead your group.

Each Discussion Guide is a beautifully graphic designed 2 page PDF that contains:

  • An icebreaker specific to this book
  • 9 discussion questions based out of this specific book arranged from least to most challenging.
    Choose as many or as few as you wish to discuss.
  • A wrap-up question specific to this book
  • 3 read-a-like book suggestions

The copyright on the Discussion Guides allows for you to distribute these questions privately within your reading group or book club, please do not re-upload this in a publicly accessible space online or otherwise distribute it outside of your reading group or book club.

Discussion Guides are currently available for the introductory price of $4.99. Get a free sample of one of my full discussion guides when you sign up for my newsletter.

Click the title of the book to see the product information page. From there, you can purchase through PayPal.

Bear by Marian Engelfiction literary Canadian classicmy review
Burn Down, Rise Up by Vincent Tiradofiction LGBTQIA+ YA horror, Afro-Latinx litmy review
Coffee Will Make You Black by April Sinclairfiction LGBTQIA+ & Black lit classicmy review
Getting Clean with Stevie Green by Swan Huntleyfiction LGBTQIA+ contemporary romancemy review
Homesick: Why I Live in a Shed by Catrina Daviesnonfiction memoirmy review
On a Grey Thread by Elsa Gidlowpoetry LGBTQIA+ my review
One Last Stop by Casey McQuistonfiction LGBTQIA+ scifi romancemy review
Solo Dance by Li Kotomi, translated by Arthur Reiji Morrisfiction LGBTQIA+ literary, Japanese lit in translationmy review
Tales of the City by Armistead Maupinfiction LGBTQIA+ classicmy review
Wild Seed by Octavia Butlerfiction LGBTQIA+ fantasy, Black litmy review
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