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Wolf Bite Wednesday (Hypocrisy of Humane Animal Farming)

February 24, 2010 9 comments

As a libertarian, I believe that adults should be able to do whatever they want to do as long as it doesn’t harm other living creatures.  This means that in what society sees as gray areas, I go with whatever side allows for more choice.  It also means I try to avoid being “militant” about anything and just hope that with the evidence I calmly present, people will change their minds.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times you present the evidence that evolution is real, some people still choose to teach their children that god made woman out of Adam’s rib.

One thing that I cannot stand and won’t stay quiet about, though, is hypocrisy, and it’s something I’ve been seeing cropping up more and more in the green movement.  You guys all know that I’m a vegetarian.  I wholeheartedly believe this is the right choice, and it’s one I want more people to make.  However, I respect whatever choice people make, because what you eat is your own business.  I have no problem with omnivores who say they enjoy being at the top of the food chain, that we’re naturally predators so we may as well enjoy it, etc…  They’ve decided what matters to them while acknowledging that this choice causes pain.  I don’t agree with the choice, but it’s not hypocritical.  I also have no problem with people who want organic animal farming due to a concern about chemicals in meat.  I think it’s kind of a silly thing to be concerned about, but again it’ s not hypocritical.

However, I have a serious problem with you people who purport to support organic “humane” animal farming out of a concern for the well-being of the animals and not yourself..  You are not concerned about the well-being of the animals.  If you were, you wouldn’t ask for them to die so you can enjoy a hamburger when you live in a nation with plenty of other ways to healthily feed yourself.  You’re claiming that you want the animals to be happy?  Take any animal from an organic farm and compare it being slaughtered to one being slaughtered at a factory farm.  Neither of them wants to die.  They both cry.  They both struggle to get away.  In a sense, it’s more humane for the factory farm to slaughter their animals, because they are in pain and suffering constantly.  You’re advocating to give an animal a paradise type of environment and then rip them out of it to kill them.  That does not make you a good person!!! DOES NOT.  It makes you a hypocrite.  If you actually cared about the animals, you wouldn’t eat them.  It really is that simple.

How Not to Talk to a Vegetarian

January 14, 2010 16 comments

I’ve been a vegetarian for three years.  A diet choice that is not particularly popular in the United States but is at least gaining recognition in the general public.  I’m not the proselytizing type of vegetarian.  I don’t confront people about it unless they bring it up (or they willingly read my blog, hah).  The most I do unprovoked is to say that I’m a vegetarian and sometimes further explain what my dietary restrictions are if the person doesn’t know.  I choose to be this way, because I’m a libertarian, and I believe that what a person eats is her choice, even if I disagree with it and wish she wouldn’t eat that way.  So I keep my mouth shut about all the reasons to be vegetarian unless they ask me, which happens a surprising amount.

Anyway, for the most part my lack of militance is met with a similar lack of confrontation in return.  They may get a confused look on their face, but that’s generally about it.  In fact, I’m pleased that for the most part, people are genuinely nice about it and express concern in the restaurant or in their house that what I eat isn’t against my morals.  I greatly appreciate this.  Sometimes though, I have a much more negative experience.

An example of such a situation happened last night.  I was out at a pub with four other gals, one of whom is vegetarian like me.  A couple of the omni girls were discussing ordering a pizza, when one of them asked if we liked steak, to which the other one responded, “Oh they’re both vegetarian.”  Myself and the other veg nodded to which the Questioner responded, “Hahahaha, oh really? I ate a baby cow earlier today, hahahaha.”

Even though this pissed me off, I ignored it.  Myself and the other veg turned down pizza, getting fries instead, and the omnis got a steak and potato pizza.  After it arrived the Questioner again started gleefully shoving in our faces the fact that she was eating an animal, had earlier that day, and would continue to, repeatedly mentioning baby animals in particular.

It is hard enough for me to smell and see meat.  Seriously, it grosses me out, and normally I only am able to maintain my appetite when eating with omnis by just making myself “forget” that they’re eating meat.  Like I said earlier.  It’s their choice, and I don’t want diet differences to come between me and my friendships.

However, it is just not cool to gleefully wave in a known vegetarian’s face that you’re eating an animal.  Imagine if you were eating dinner out with a cannibal who started to gleefully tell you how they’d just eaten a baby’s brains that morning.  Would you be able to stomach your own food?  Would you be comfortable or happy at all?

And this sort of thing isn’t a random occurrence.  It happens with relative regularity.  I’ve been taunted by small time farmers who tell me all about how they’re going to slaughter the chickens that day.  I’ve had omnis regale me with the sheer animalistic pleasure they feel in ripping meat apart with their teeth.  I’ve also been taunted that I look ghostly or gaunt and clearly I must be vitamin deficient.  I’ve also been told that I’m slowly starving myself to death.

Well, you know what?  Vegetarians get it that you like to eat meat.  If you didn’t want to eat meat, you wouldn’t.  Ranting to us about how much you love to eat meat reeks either of immaturity or insecurity.  Either you enjoy an easy way to make someone uncomfortable in a social situation or our choice makes you feel insecure for whatever reason.  Maybe you really do feel guilty for eating meat so you lash out.  Maybe you’re worried that suddenly the US will become predominantly vegetarian instead of omnivore.  All I know is, you’re not being respectful of other human beings when you act this way.

I know some vegetarians can be militant, but if the vegetarian you’re around right that instant isn’t being militant and all that happened is she stated she’s vegetarian, just nod and say “ok,” and leave it at that.  I respect your right to your food choices.  You should respect mine.