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MA Librarian Tweetup Date, Location, RSVP

July 30, 2009 8 comments

Alright folks!  The polls have been tallied!  The results are in!  We have a date, time, and location for our tweetup!  Hurray!!

Date with 50% of the votes: August 17th at 7pm

Location with 40% of the votes: Boston Beer Works at the Fenway (61 Brookline Ave, phone number 617-536-2337)

The good news is that the winning date there is no Red Sox game at all.  We’re talking they aren’t even playing an away game.  This should significantly free up Boston Beer Works.

Please please please RSVP either here in comments or by DMing me on Twitter.  This way if it’s a sizable group coming, I can give the folks at Boston Beer Works a heads-up.  Plus we’ll know if everyone has arrived or not on the night of the tweetup. 😉  Also feel free to @, DM, or comment suggestions/queries/concerns.  Looking forward to meeting folks in person!

MA Librarian Tweetup: 1st Poll Results

July 29, 2009 6 comments

Hi fellow Massachusetts twitter librarians!  The results from the first polls are in!  *drum-roll*


Winning by a strong margin with 12 votes: Boston!

Runners-up: 4 votes–Worcester, 2 votes–Northampton, 1 vote–Haverhill


Winning by a very narrow margin with 5 votes: August 16-29 Weekday!

Runners-up: 4 votes–September 13-30 Weekday, 4 votes–September 16-29 Weekend


I think deciding on a tweetup location would be of great help in choosing an exact date.  Suggestions so far have included a bar, a coffeeshop, NELINET’s site, somewhere at Simmons GSLIS, etc…  Please comment on this post with suggestions, either general type or venue or someplace specific.  If there’s an obvious concensus among the comments, then we won’t run another poll, but if there isn’t, we will.  Suggestions always welcome!