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Anger Can Be Power (MLA12 Seattle: Plenary 1: President’s Address by Jerry Perry, AHIP)

Right after the new member’s breakfast was the first plenary session.  The president’s address.  I realized as soon as I saw him onstage that I had actually chatted with him at the new member’s breakfast.  He was so friendly and personable!  But he’s also intelligent and a game-changer.  I’m glad I got the chance to both meet him and listen to his speeches.  (Yes, speeches. The other was at the awards luncheon).  Perhaps what impressed me the most, though, was that Perry’s speech addressed a topic that was already on my radar.  Enough of my intro, though, here are my notes from the address.

  • Embrace a love of reinvention.
  • Create a legend around yourself.
  • Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.
  • Love what you do.
  • We need to get angry at the hand-wringing that is going on within the profession.  We are in fact doing that great American thing of reinventing and staying current.  We know we are changing and staying current, so it is more than ok to have righteous indignation at “the end is nigh” talk.
  • Anger can be power, and you know you can use it.

How could I not love an MLA president who tells us it’s ok to have righteous anger? 🙂