In addition to being a reviewer, I’m an author. 

This page links to my published works in this order:

  • Novellas
  • Short Stories
  • Theater
  • Nonfiction (as Amanda Nevius)

Please feel free to contact me at[at]gmail[dot]com.


Image of a digital book cover. Orange, red, pink, and purple glow in the distance. The silhouette of a woman sitting with a cat is in the foreground. The book's title is in white and blood splotches are across it.

Waiting for Daybreak
Second edition June 2022
First edition June 2012 (Blog Tour and Reviews Page)
blend of post-apocalyptic science fiction and women’s fiction
Length: 138 pages digital, 176 pages paperback
Kindle, $2.99 regularly, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
Paperback, $7.99

I just want to live like normal people. But my Borderline Personality Disorder fills each day with emotional pain. And drives other people away. Not that there’s anyone to drive away anymore…

Frieda’s a struggling twenty-something young professional when the apocalypse comes. Overnight, Boston falls apart as a rapidly spreading virus makes her neighbors crave brains. Enough to kill for them.

She survives alone for a whole year in her urban studio apartment. And she surprises herself by managing her mental illness better than she did before. When her beloved cat becomes ill, Frieda goes on a quest to save her. It sets off a chain of events that challenges everything.

Reviews of the first edition call this a “dynamic” read that’s a “great story with a twist I didn’t foresee.” This places a character you’d expect in a women’s fiction novel at the heart of a zombie apocalypse.

This second edition includes edits throughout the book, as well as an author’s note and content note. Please be sure to check the content note before you read by previewing the book. It’s at the beginning right after the author’s note.

Image of a digital book cover. A white outline of a woman back to back back with herself stands out against a navy blue background. A silver scale its in front of her with a golden fairy on one side and a red devil on the other. The title in white script is below this.

Ecstatic Evil
July 2011
paranormal romance (f/m)
Length: 79 pages
Kindle, 99 cents regularly, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Tova Gallagher isn’t just your average Bostonian. She also happens to be half-demon, and the demons and fairies have just issued a deadline for her to choose sides. But it’s hard to worry about the battle of good versus rebel when she’s just met a sexy stranger on the edge of the Charles River.

Short Stories

Published in a variety of print and online magazines.  Free publications are noted.

  • Sister Prudence on the Beach” in Solarpunk Magazine
    Issue #6, Lunarpunk Special, Nov/Dec 2022, free
    Sister Prudence settles down for her full moon meditation on the beach. But a young one passing by interrupts not just her meditation but perhaps her retirement as well.
  • Bostonians Aren’t Friends With Our Neighbors” in Wyrms: An Anthology of Dragon Drabbles
    July 1, 2022, $3 digital, $6 print
    The first line is “ said the box on the triple-decker’s porch next door.”
  • The University of Late-Night Moans” in Decoded Pride: A science fiction, fantasy, and horror story-a-day anthology for Pride month
    June 9, 2022, issue 3, $14.99
    fantasy romance (sapphic / wlw)
    It’s 1998, and Leonora’s friend Virginia is helping her investigate the moans coming from the cemetery across the train tracks from her dorm.
    Reviewed in Locus Magazine on October 3, 2022 by Charles Payseur.
  • Freedom Freerunner” in Dark Fire Fiction
    December 2013, rolling publication, electronic, free
    dark fantasy
    The Dark Ones have taken over the city. Come along as a band of freerunners battle them with parkour skills and swords.
  • Closest Thing to Heaven” in Crack The Spine
    September 2012, issue 40, electronic, free
    Mama’s sleeping, and it’s super-hot out, so Brother says he’ll take me to the swimmin holler.
  • The Most Lovely Morning” in Down in the Dirt
    February 2012, volume 103, electronic, free, print, $7.67
    Note: the website does not create links directly to the issue.  Click on “Scars” on left-hand side, then on “Down in the Dirt magazine” in the middle of the webpage, then “Issues,” then scroll down to select “v103” to view the issue.
    Tag along on an elderly woman’s morning in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • The Tale of Leroy of the Backwoods of Vermont” in 69 Flavors of Paranoia
    August 2011, volume 3, menu 13, electronic, free
    Note: This zine is now defunct, and they did not create an archive of their publications.  The Internet Archive record of the table of contents in the issue I was published in may be viewed here.  You can see my story’s name under the section “Uppers.”  There unfortunately is not an Internet Archive record of the page containing my full short story.  The link now goes to the complete short story available free on my own website.
    Hear the rural legend of Leroy and his untimely death.


Recordings available free online unless otherwise noted.

Nonfiction (as Amanda Nevius)

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