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Please Help the Gulf Animals

My lovely readers, I’m sure no matter where in the world you come to my blog from, you’ve heard about the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I don’t like to get into politics/big business/whatever, but I am a staunch advocate for animals.  These innocent creatures never use oil in their day to day lives.  They don’t go around creating genocides.  They are less evolved than us and deserve our protection and admiration as the beautiful creatures they are.

This is what the oil spill has done to them:

A devastatingly oil-covered bird in the Gulf of Mexico.

AP Photographer Charlie Riedel's photo of an oil-covered bird as found on Boston.com.

The National Wildlife Federation is working tirelessly to save these innocent beings, or at least to alleviate their suffering.  It’s a huge, unexpected responsibility, and they need all the help they can get.

I beseech you to please go to the National Wildlife Federation’s oil spill donation website and donate today.  Any amount helps.

We caused this–human beings–and my heart weeps for them.  Even if you normally wouldn’t donate to animal or environmental causes, please consider doing so today, particularly if you find my blog a helpful or enjoyable part of your week.  You could give me no nicer gift.

Thank you.

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