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Friday Fun! (NAMI Walk and Best Friend)

Hello my lovely readers!  Sorry we were a bit short on reviews this week.  I just finished up a chunkster (758 pages) that will be reviewed on Monday.  It slowed me down a wee bit!

Last weekend I participated in the NAMI walk with my hospital.  Thanks to generous contributions from friends and twitter followers, I raised $100 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Yet I felt of more value than the money raised by all the participants was the walk itself.  Mental illness is still so stigmatized and here were people living with mental illnesses, people who routinely treat it, people who love people with it, gathered together and being loud and proud in the middle of Boston.  My absolutely favorite team tshirt I saw was “Stamp Out Stigma” followed by “Stigma Stings.”  People are people, and it is hard enough for those with a mental illness to live with it and attempt recovery without facing stigma from society.  I am so glad out of all the walks in Boston I chose to participate in this one.  It was very moving.

Also this week, I had to say goodbye to my best friend who’s moving from Boston back home to Colorado.  I fully support her decision and know it’s the right one for her, but I will miss her dearly.  We are still working together on a secret project from a distance though.  The internet is amazing like that.  Also, I hope to be able to save up to visit her sometime next winter.  It’s still sad though.  Nothing is the same as getting to see your best friend every week, you know?

So it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster emotional week for me, but I at least have a three day weekend this weekend for Memorial Day.  Happy weekends!

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