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Publication Announcement: Hopepunk “Sister Prudence on the Beach”

A digital drawing of three women lying next to a river surrounded by grass flowing through the middle of what appears to be a space station. A robot pays a harp in the foreground. Two herons play in the water near a waterfall Over the top of the image in blue are the words Solarpunk Magazine. IN white are the words Issue #6 Nov/Dec 2022 Lunarpunk Special featuring "Sister Prudence on the Beach" a short story by Amanda McNeil.

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my hopepunk short story in the special Lunarpunk edition of Solarpunk Magazine. What’s hopepunk? It’s speculative fiction that gives a glimpse of a hopeful future. The opposite of dystopia. Think Star Trek style. There’s still conflicts but society has improved. Hopepunk is also called solarpunk. Lunarpunk is on the introspective side of hopepunk.

This issue of the magazine costs $6 and includes 12 other pieces, including poetry and nonfiction.

Here’s a blurb about my piece.

Sister Prudence settles down for her full moon meditation on the beach. But a young one passing by interrupts not just her meditation but perhaps her retirement as well.

Please be sure to check out my Publications Page for my other work.

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