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Friday Fun! (I’ve Been Really Busy So Let’s Talk About Fondue)

September 9, 2011 7 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  Like whoa, have I been busy this week!  I actually finished reading The Meowmorphosis and have literally not had a spare moment to write up the review.  My bad!  It’ll be up next week.  I’d tell you what I’ve been busy doing, but I can’t (well, except that part of it has been very long skype convos and sharing wine virtually with Amy).

So instead, let’s talk about how freaking excited I am for my friend Sara‘s birthday dinner tonight!  She, bless her, wanted to get fondue.  Fondue.  Aka melted cheese and melted chocolate and dipping things and sharing your germs.  If it is not abundantly clear why we’re friends, then I just don’t know what to say to you people anymore.  This is pretty much what I have been thinking about off and on all day.

In other news, I haven’t quite finished the first book for The Real Help project but I am totally going to and get the post up tomorrow morning at some point.  I might not be able to write it right when I get home tonight due to pure food coma.

Happy weekends!

Friday Fun! (Fondue and Seitan)

November 26, 2010 2 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  This has been a busy week for me, although I suspect not as busy as for those of you who actually traveled for the holiday.  Last weekend I hosted my first ever fondue party.  You guys, it was awesome.  I think this is something from the 70s that we need to make have a come-back.   Anyway, I made a beer cheese fondue in my crock pot.  It was *so* delicious!  We had crostini, broccoli, veggie sausage, pretzels, and more for dipping.  Also, one of my guests brought a chocolate fondue, and it was *to die* for.

There were no classes this week because of Thanksgiving, so with the extra time I had I was able to go to a meditation lesson for the first time.  I was kind of surprised at how much easier it is to meditate for an extended length of time when you’re in a room with other people meditating instead of doing it by yourself.  It was a lot of fun and surprisingly relaxing.  I think I’ll try out a few more centers before I decide on one to go to periodically, but I definitely think periodic group meditation is gonna be sticking around my schedule now.  Albeit, not weekly.  Maybe monthly.

Since I have to work today, I didn’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving yesterday.  I spent the day hanging out at home, reading, watching tv, and cooking.  I tried making seitan for the first time ever, and you guys.  It came out so good!  It was surprisingly simple, very filling, and gave me a lot of energy.  One batch makes plenty for a week, so I suspect this is now going to be in my rotation of yummy veg foods.

My other big project this week is incorporating some dishes some friends gave me into my kitchen.  I realized this is going to mean rearranging my tiny tiny kitchen to try to fit everything in.  I think I may wind up using nails to hang various mugs and pots and pans from the walls.  I have very little cabinet space.

I hope my American readers are enjoying their holiday weekends, and I hope the rest of you enjoy your regularly-sized ones.  Cheers!