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Friday Fun! (Help Me Learn to Relax!)

April 13, 2012 9 comments

Hello my lovely readers!

You guys. I have a confession to make.  I am absolutely horrible at relaxing.  It’s true!  I have this constant drive to be doing doing doing and frankly my anxiety level tends to be high.  I mean, I couldn’t even handle the low-key pilates a trainer had me do at the gym. No. If it didn’t hurt and/or make me sweat, then it didn’t count.

I mean, I can’t even watch a movie unless I am simultaneously doing something else.  While cooking I listen to an audiobook or watch a documentary tv show.  While blogging I listen to a new cd.  I am constantly going and doing something even when I don’t have to.  I mean, I willingly drag my butt to three different grocery stores for the best quality and prices, which may sound reasonable until you realize that I don’t have a car and must tote everything on my back while walking or taking the T.

Oh and this week I was this close to starting some seeds going in my kitchen at 9pm.

Anyway, what I would looooove from you all would be some suggestions on how the hell to relax in a healthy manner, because fuck if I can figure it out.  I mean when I tried yoga tonight I spent half the session trying to convince myself not to start a fight with the chick in the back row whose ujjayi breathing was too loud.

Saying I am high strung is putting it lightly.

So!  Please pour in the suggestions.  I’ll wait over here.

Oh and btw I don’t have a bathtub or trust me I’d be lounging in one at least once a week.