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Friday Fun! (Stanley Cup FTW!)

June 17, 2011 3 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  Ok, so I know most of you aren’t from Boston and thus don’t really care, but OMG THE BRUINS WON!!!!!

Here’s the thing.  I fucking love hockey.  Love it.  It’s my absolute favorite sport.  Perhaps because this is I grew up practically on the Canadian border (our signs were in French and English).  I suspect, however, that it’s more because hockey is one of the few sports that is still not a pussy sport.  The players routinely get into fights with each other on the ice, and they don’t even get put in the penalty box for it.  Most of the time.  Plus they do this physically difficult sport on ice.  We all know everything’s harder on ice.  (Ok, ok, not everything *wink wink, nudge nudge*)

Anyway, so this past week was the championship between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks.  If you don’t know, there are 7 games played, and the winning team is the best of 7.  My past week thus largely consisted of watching hockey.  Last Friday I went out to a local dive bar (that has free popcorn) to do so with one of my friends.  Alas, we lost that game.  Monday night I watched at home after a tough gym session and kept my dad, who works second shift, posted on the score via text message.  Our win Monday meant we were tied at 3/3, which meant a game 7! Ahhhhhh!!!  Now the Bruins hadn’t won since 1972.  Clearly such an event demanded a night out.

I ended up going out to a local very packed bar with friends.  Watching the game in a bar full of fellow fans was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had in a while.  We drank. We yelled.  We celebrated.  There was music.  Strangers were randomly high-fiving and hugging each other.  It was the loudest I’ve ever been outside of a concert.  In fact, my voice is a bit off today.  And the best part is we won!! We won the Stanley Cup!!!  Take that, Canada.  Hockey ain’t just your sport. 😛

Now, if I can just actually manage to make it to a game at the Garden next season…….

Friday Fun! (Post Grad School)

March 4, 2011 2 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  I hope your weeks have been lovely with lots of time for reading crammed in.  My week has been decidedly uneventful, which I am totally ok with after the insane eventfulness of the last 6 months or so.  I’m settled into a post-grad school routine of work, friends, gym, cooking, professional job hunting, etc…  It’s great to actually have the time to see my friends more often now than when I was in school.  We’re managing to find fun ways to occupy our time in spite of the bitter cold, whether that’s Asian fusion food or hockey games.  (Go BC kick UNH’s ASS).  In fact, I’m so busy doing fun things that by the time I get home at night, I generally grab a quick snack or dinner then climb into bed to read and fall asleep doing so.  I woke up with my glasses still on this morning.  Luckily I was reading on my ipod so it turned itself off at some point in the night so no electricity was wasted.  This does mean that I’m watching far fewer movies, except for when I have friends over to get drunk and watch trashy old horror movies together.  😉  Of course there are the normal post-grad school money worries and the stress of trying to fit everything in to your work week, not to mention actually making the time to wash your laundry so you have clean clothes to wear, but overall, life is good.  *looks around*  *knocks on wood*

Oh!  I also got an xbox 360 and played a Kinect game for the first time and dudes.  It is so fucking cool.  The future of gaming if I do say so myself.  Playing a game with your body and no controls?  It’s like something out of a fucking scifi movie.  The only annoying part is having to move my furniture every time I play.

There’s really not too much else to say right now.  I’m striving for various goals, but I plan on only updating ya’ll on them once I’ve achieved them.  I prefer not to jinx myself.  😉  In the meantime, I hope to keep encouraging everyone’s love of reading and story-telling.  Happy weekends!