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Friday Fun! (Happy Birthday To Me! Ok, Ok, and America)

Hello my lovely readers!

This was a very busy week for me because: a) I turned 26 b) 4th of July (aka America Fuck Yeah) c) I had a 4 day weekend d) I road tripped with my bestie to New Hampshire/Vermont to visit the fam.

Whew! I’m exhausted just typing that!

I’m like super old now at the ripe age of 26. (I tease. I had my quarter life crisis last year. 😉 ) My daddy made me birthday pie (strawberry-rhubarb, my favorite), because I prefer pie to cake. PIE TOTALLY WINS SHUSH.  I also got (from family and friends): cooking gear, a window-mount birdfeeder to provide cat tv, cat toys, photoshop, and an itunes gift card. You guys are the bestest! I feel so loved. 😀

I, unfortunately, caught some sort of stomach bug so I spent most of my holiday weekend sick. Epic. Sad. Face. I have an intense love for Independence Day, so that was a bummer.  I did discover, however, that I can see most of the Boston fireworks from my couch, which is awesome.  Also, I had already set off fireworks in NH so admittedly I’d already had some crash bang.

Luckily I was better in time for work, so I didn’t miss any of that.  I did miss the gym whilst I was sick though. I’ll be returning tonight.

Happy belated 4th! Happy weekends!

Friday Fun! (My Bday and the 4th)

Hello my lovely readers!  So this weekend is not only one of my all-time favorite holiday weekends–the 4th of July aka AMERICA FUCK YEAH–it is also my birthday.  Tomorrow to be exact.  I’m turning 25. People have asked if I’m having a quarter-life crisis.  I…..don’t think so?  I mean, I reflect on my life on every birthday, and it’s always a mixed bag.  There are things I’m happy with and proud of and things I wish were different, but then I come to terms with it.  At first I was upset that I’m turning 25 and am single, but now I’m cool with it.  Honestly, it’s fun to be single in a city.  Relationships are fun, but so is being single, y’know?  And thankfully I live in a time period where I wasn’t deemed an old maid the instant I turned 20, haha. 😉

This weekend will be full of fun as per usual.  I’m planning a bike ride, picnic, some drinks, the gym, and of course FIREWORKS.  I’ve still gotta figure out my red white and blue outfit for Monday…….

Happy weekends all!