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Friday Fun! (The Only Shoes I Talk About: Gym Shoes)

Hello my lovely readers!

I feel like I’m being terribly dull after the excitement of my Seattle and gashed knee Friday Fun posts but things have been honestly rather calm around here.

*looks around*

*knocks on wood*

Well, besides the Social Sciences Librarian Boot Camp and the release of my book that is. 😉

The most exciting things that happened in the last week were:

  1. My recently planted container garden seeds sprouted.
  2. I wore out my gym shoes and bought new ones.

Ok, so, to me the fact that seeds that are organic, heirloom, and over two years old sprouted was pretty damn miraculous, particularly given that right after I planted and liberally watered them we had no sun for around four days. (Things got…moldy).  But I am literally speaking to you about plants growing, so.

It also was a big deal to me that my gym shoes wore out.  We’re talking holes appeared and a heel is half off.  To me this is a sign that my fitness thing went from an attempt to a part of my life.  I literally worked out so much that I wore my gym shoes out. Wow. To celebrate, I let myself buy nice ones.  When I put my feet in them, they said ahhhh.

Oh, before I go, btdubs, I finally realized I totally neglected to put my novella I published almost a year ago, Ecstatic Evil, on Smashwords for all of you lovely folks without kindles, so it is up there now.

Waiting For Daybreak will be there as well after the first 90 days of exclusivity to Amazon are up, aka on September 4th.

Happy weekends!

The Ethical Challenges of Information Usage in the Age of Digital Media (Social Sciences Librarian Boot Camp 2012)

Yesterday (Friday, June 1st), I went to the Social Sciences Librarian Boot Camp hosted by Tufts University’s Tisch Library.  I’ll be posting my notes from the various sessions I attended, with the exception of the GIS session in the afternoon, since that was more hands-on than note-taking oriented.  First up are my notes from the keynote, presented by Dr. Amy Glasmeier..  I fully admit they are a bit sparse since I was also juggling my morning coffee and a strawberry filled croissant. 🙂

  • Libraries can be centers for visualization of data.
  • Scientists right now use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of data. We need better software!
  • Ever increasing world of tailored information.
  • Professional development will be critical.
  • Who will train the trainers?
  • Don’t wait to be asked by the faculty or students for help.  Be proactive.