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Movie Review: Bruno (2009)

In this mockumentary Sacha Baron Cohen takes on the role of Bruno–a fabulously gay Austrian fashion reporter who comes to America in the hopes of becoming famous.  Cohen places Bruno into situations with real people who don’t know he’s just a character and sees what unfolds.

If you’re easily offended at all, don’t watch Bruno.  I, however, am not so I didn’t hate it.  I also didn’t love it either.

A few of the set-ups are great.  The episode where Bruno adopts an African baby because that’s what famous people do is an excellent commentary on celebrity culture.  The scene where Bruno sees a come out of gayness counselor is also thought-provoking.  Unfortunately, Cohen primarily goes for over-the-top sex shock value over commentary.  To me there’s just nothing funny about him and another man bound together in S + M gear taking the bus because they can’t get unlocked from each other.  I was just sitting there going “Wouldn’t the camera crew unlock them?”

Overall, Bruno falls flat.  It tries to be shocking, but mainly comes across as adolescent.

2 out of 5 stars

Source: Netflix

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