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Movie Review: Zombie Strippers (2008)

Woman in bikini top standing in front of people with guns.Summary:
In the near future, a team of American soldiers are sent to stop the outbreak of a zombie virus designed to make for super undead soldiers.  Naturally, one of the infected people escapes and in turn infects a stripper in an illegal strip-joint, leading to the most interesting strip-teases in the history of stripping.

Imagine dark comedy.  Toss in a handful of zombies and gore.  Now top it off with some of the best strip-teases you’ve ever seen, and you have this movie.  I feel like that should be enough to tell you if you’ll enjoy this movie, and honestly I’m still speechless at some parts of it, but I suppose I should do a bit more to review it.

The dialogue is gut-bustingly funny.  I haven’t heard dialogue this funny since….Noises Off?  In any case, the dialogue is witty, self-aware, and spot-on.

The plot-line is a bit loose, but really, you don’t watch a movie called Zombie Strippers for the plot.  Yadda yadda, there are zombies, there are strippers, let’s get this show on the road.

The special effects are awesome.  Personally, I found the zombies eating lap dance customers scenes to be incredibly realistic looking.  (Perhaps too realistic looking?)  But when you have a movie with a disembodied zombie head in a trash bag that’s a running gag, well, realistic looking gore helps.

Now, not that I particularly have experience watching a strip tease, but I ceratinly found the strip tease scenes to be enjoyable and moved the plot right along.  Plus, Jenna Jameson is the lead stripper.  Chew on that for a while.

Overall this movie is a random justaposition of two entirely different genres of movies, and it totally works.  Yes, it would have moved into epic realm if the plot made a wee bit more sense, but it is still one of the most humorous movies I’ve seen in a while.  If you like your dark humor, definitely check this one out.

4 out of 5 stars

Source: Netflix

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