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Product Review: Print from Easy Canvas Prints

I was wonderfully excited to receive my second offer for a product review from Melissa Pont of Easy Canvas Prints.  In her super-friendly email she gave me the opportunity to create my own 8 by 10 print in exchange for reviewing my experience (and the print) here.  As a 20-something slowly trying to decorate my apartment like an adult, I jumped at the opportunity.

The site basically creates professional artist quality prints from your own photos.  This means any one of your many digital photos can become a piece of artwork in your home.  By far the only difficult part of my whole experience was choosing which picture I wanted hanging in my home!  I love taking photos, and Boston as well as my visits home to Vermont gave me a whole slew of scenic items to choose from.  I finally decided to narrow it down by first choosing which section of my apartment needed decoration the most.  My kitchen won by a long-shot, as it only had one picture hanging in it.  Once I chose my kitchen, I knew which picture I wanted in there.

I took a picture my senior year of undergrad at a New Year’s Eve party of raspberries in champagne with SoCo in the background.  The colors in the photo (yellow and red) go with the color theme I’m slowly working on in my kitchen, so that was the choice!  I then had to visit Easy Canvas Prints to create the print.

The website is clearly set-up and guides you through each step smoothly.  First you upload the picture.  Second you choose which size you want.  Third you choose if you want a border or not.  If not, your photo wraps around the edge.  I wanted a border, so I then had to choose what style.  I selected a solid color and a golden-yellow to match the color of the champagne.  You then simply place your order.

My print arrived in just about a week, which I think is a very reasonable time-frame for creation and shipment.  It arrived well-packaged in completely recyclable cardboard and brown paper and clearly stamped as “Fragile.”  Hanging it literally took me about one minute, as the bracket for hanging was perfectly placed on the back, so I simply had to stick a nail in my wall.

It’s a truly gorgeous print and has absolutely added a level of class to my kitchen.  I had a wonderful experience with Easy Canvas Prints, and I encourage those looking for professional quality art for their home made from their own photos to check it out.  It’s a truly unique way to decorate your home.

Print of champagne.

Close-up of the print.

Picture on wall of kitchen.

Print hanging on my kitchen wall. Notice how the raspberries match my red toaster. 😉

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    December 5, 2011 at 3:14 am

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