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Book Review: Y: The Last Man: Cycles by Brian K. Vaughan (Series, #2) (Graphic Novel)

Giant Y with man in front of helicopterSummary:
Yorick and his monkey, Ampersand, (the last males on Earth) continue their reluctant quest to help the government find a way to fix the disease that killed all the other men or at least to clone new men.  Their train trip from Boston to California is caught up in Ohio, though, where they stumble upon an oddly utopian town of women.  Meanwhile, Yorick’s sister, Hero, and the Amazons continue their quest to rid the Earth of the last man.  Plus there’s a mysterious Russian woman who keeps insisting a spaceship with men on it is going to land.

Now that the premise of the post-apocalyptic world is set up, Vaughan’s story really picks up speed.  There is much less explaining and far more action this time around.  There are now multiple plot lines and mysteries beyond Yorick’s main one going as well, which helped, because let’s be honest, Yorick isn’t that likeable.

About 1/3 of this entry is set in Boston, primarily around Fenway and the train station.  I think having the Amazons duke it out in front of Fenway Park was a pretty nice touch too.

I don’t recall laughing with the first entry, but this one had me laughing out loud on the bus then having to explain to my companions around me what was so funny.  The line?

Killing’s easy. Like….like doing laundry!

It is a random, quirky sense of humor that I really enjoy, although I do expect that it might not strike some people as humorous.

The artwork continues to be bright and easy to follow.  I really appreciated the preliminary sketches featured in the back of the book.  It was most surprising to see that agent 355 originally was white and gradually was changed to black.  I’m glad Vaughan made the move, but I do wonder what brought it on!

Overall, if you like a post-apocalyptic graphic world with biting wit and gender commentary, you’re going to enjoy this book.

5 out of 5 stars

Source: Public Library

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