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Book Review: Naturally Clean: The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe and Healthy, Non-Toxic Cleaning by Jeffrey Hollender

Images of a clean home and trees.Summary:
An introduction to the green concept of natural cleaning, this book gives an overview of why chemical cleaners are bad for people and the environment.  Summaries of the scientific evidence are followed by introductory advice on all-natural cleaning and keeping your home as unpolluted as possible.

Although the concept of cleaners polluting the home seems at first glance like a non-issue, the scientific evidence presented in this book clearly demonstrates that it is an issue.  For example:

“Ordinary household products such as cleansers, cosmetics, and paints are now the Los Angeles region’s second-leading source of air pollution, after auto tailpipe emissions, air quality officials say.” Location 182

Ok, but we don’t want to live in dirty squalor, right?  The book goes on to clearly point out various natural, safe cleaners that work just as well as regular cleaners, although perhaps requiring a bit more elbow grease.

Although at first I was concerned that the fact that the book was written by the founder of the Seventh Generation cleaning company would lead it to bias or to essentially be an ad for their products, neither was the case.  Where products are listed, natural cleaning competitors are included.  Further, instructions are given on cleaning your house with products as cheap as vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Be cautioned, though, that this is definitely an introductory book.  It reads more as a pamphlet to get you headed in the right direction than as a change your entire life guide.  As such, I recommend it to those who’ve never considered the benefits of cleaning with natural products before.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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