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Friday Fun! (Being in Your 20s)

August 6, 2010 4 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  Sorry for the relatively small number of posts this week, but I do hope you enjoyed them!  Things will be back up to snuff next week.  I’ll have at least two book reviews plus my very first product review for you all in spite of the fact that I have a rather large homework assignment due next week.  Yay!

Last weekend was pleasantly relaxing.  I went shopping with one of my friends, primarily for shoes, as I tend to wear through mine like nobody’s business.  I blame the large amount of walking that’s necessary when you live in city.  I also saw Dinner for Schmucks (definitely worth the ticket price) and had Thai food.  Yum, Thai food!

Last night I was hanging out with two of my friends and we got to talking about our experience with being in our 20s so far.  We all started our 20s highly idealistic and determined to change the world (samples: hippie tendencies, tv is evil mentality, save the planet, etc…) only to now have fizzled a bit on that.  We got out of university and encountered the real world and the real world kind of beat down on our aspirations.  Now we don’t want to save the world; we just want to be happy.  I’m wondering if the next phase of our 20s will be some sort of moderation between the two: helping the world but striving for personal happiness and improvement simultaneously.  That sounds like a happy medium to me, but I guess we’ll see.  Anyone currently in their 20s or someone older who wants to reminisce on the experience? I think it’d be interesting to hear.

I hope you all have lovely weekends! Anyone have any special plans?

Movie Review: The Dinner Game (1998) France Le diner de cons

Cartoon drawing of a dinner table with a photo of a man sitting in the chair.Summary:
Pierre and his friends have a recurring dinner party where they each bring an idiot.  The person who brings the best idiot wins.  Pierre is excited that he may have finally found a winner in Pierre–a government worker who makes models out of matchsticks and talks about them incessantly.  However, he throws his back out the night of the party, and his wife walks out on him, leaving him at the hands of the bumbling Francois.

This is the French movie that is being remade/Americanized into Dinner for Schmucks, which is being released this summer.  This is what led me to watch it, and I must say I don’t know why I always forget how much I enjoyed the foreign films I watched in university.  They’re such a fun way to immerse yourself in another culture.

The Dinner Game plays with that classic light-handed touch often found in French films.  The wit is sly, not heavy-handed.  The jokes build slowly, rather like American black-and-white classic films.

I found it delightful that the writers made the choice to make Pierre basically an unredeemable douchebag who you still end up sympathizing with.  It takes talent to pull that off, and it is done quite smoothly.

The movie is quite short, though, ringing in at only 81 minutes.  I wanted it to last longer!  Additionally, the ending was rather sudden.  People who don’t like to left guessing won’t enjoy that part of it.  I also felt the set-up took a bit long, particularly given the length of the film.

If you enjoy light-handed wit and a good character study, you will enjoy this film.

4 out of 5 stars

Source: Netflix

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