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Friday Fun! (Relaxation and Final Week of Blog Tour Updates)

August 31, 2012 3 comments

Hello my lovely readers!

I had the best weekend last weekend. It included bicycle rides, farm stands, picnics, and listening to a record player. Super relaxing. 🙂  Which is a good thing because this week was orientation for another school (think of them as like departments) at my university.  Busy busy!  I found ways to relax though.  I of course got in my gym time.  I don’t always manage to do spin classes because of how the timing works with my schedule, but I was able to this week.  I was really pleased to see that my leg strength has drastically improved.  My level ten of difficulty used to be gear twelve. Now it’s gear eighteen. Yay!  I also started playing a new videogame this week.  I picked up Donkey Kong Country Returns for my wii.  It’s super fun!  Very old school side-scroller but still integrates the wii motion controllers in well.  I do die a lot in it, but I’ve never been a great videogamer. I just enjoy it.

This was the final week of the Waiting For Daybreak blog tour!  I’ll be posting my author’s wrap-up with thoughts on the tour as a whole a bit later today, but I didn’t want the last week of blogs to miss their weekly wrap-up spotlight.  So let’s get to it!

Just a Lil’ Lost posted a review where she states, “McNeil brings a fresh voice with this zombie apocalypse-type story. She has written a character that is refreshing and different from others I have read.”

Obsessions of  a Library Gurl (who, full disclosure, is my friend but who was able to use her librarian talents to offer a fair, even-handed review), also posted a review stating, “It was an easy read and one I was able to quickly get into.”

Obsessions of  a LibraryGurl also interviewed me. Check that out to hear what I think about zombies as an analogy for rape.

Reflections of a Book Addict posted a review where he states, “In all, it is an awesome read that really gets you in tune with Frieda’s struggle with the undead.”

Reflections of a Book Addict also interviewed me.  Check that out to find out more about my own pets.  Also, comment on the interview post to be entered in the final giveaway of the tour!

And that’s it!  Hard to believe the final week of the tour is over.  Many thank you’s to everyone who helped make the last week varied and exciting!

Also, happy weekends to my blog followers. 🙂

Friday Fun! (Updates Ahoy!)

Hello my lovely readers!  I’m so sorry there were no new reviews this week.  I’ve had less reading time as I’m currently working on a super-secret project that I plan to announce this weekend.  Keep your eyes open for that post!  Next week things should return to normal around here, since I plan on doing a lot of reading this weekend.

This week has been its typical busy busy busy, you know, when I wasn’t occupied with the super-secret project.  For my birthday last weekend I went on a really long bike ride and picnic with a friend then out for a few celebratory drinks with another friend.  For the 4th of July I hosted a 100% vegan bbq.  It was awesome!  I wound up deciding not to go out for the fireworks since they weren’t starting until 10:30pm, and I had to get up early the next day.  I could see some from my window though, which was nice.  This work-week felt really long, even though it was only a four day one.  I’m so excited for the weekend!

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement this weekend. 😉