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Friday Fun! (Sick, Niece, Sweet Curry)

Hello my lovely readers!  This week persisted on being just as busy as the last few.  I’m hoping to have a chance for some r and r this week, but we shall see.

Monday I was home sick with some sort of a stomach thing, and slept through the movie adaptation of Witches of Eastwick.  Although I only saw the first little bit (and flicked in and out via sleep), I can say the book is set in the 1960s and everyone in the movie looked like they were in the 1980s, so that was weird.  Also, every time Jack Nicholson tried to act evil, all I could think of was The Shining, so that was distracting.

On Wednesday, a mere week after invasive heart surgery, my niece was discharged from Children’s and sent home.  Although I didn’t get to see her on that day, I had seen her earlier in the week, and she was looking quite good.  Thanks again to everyone for all your kind thoughts.

Thanks to a librarian friend on twitter, I was able to make the sweet curry recipe from Vive Le Vegan this week.  I quickly discovered that my casserole dish apparently only holds 2 servings, not 4, so had to halve the recipe.  It’s so insanely good though.  I think tomorrow I will put it going in my crockpot before heading out shopping with my friends Nina and E.  I get the feeling it’s the sort of dish that becomes more flavorful the longer it cooks.

Are you guys still in the springtime rush or are you already in the summer relaxation?