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Friday Fun! (Those Reviews? I Swear They’re Coming)

October 22, 2010 2 comments

Hey guys!  So the Evil Whore Month From Hell (or EWMFH as it’s now known on twitter) continued on this week despite my best intentions and attempts.  Sunday night, my friends Nina and E came over, and while we were hanging out I said to them, “ugh, my throat is kinda sore. I hope I’m not getting sick.”  To which I was told to eat copious amounts of garlic.  I did.  It didn’t work.  Tuesday night I ended up leaving class early so I could get to bed early.  I thought that would ward off the sickness.  It didn’t.  I ended up staying home sick and sleeping for literally almost 24 hours straight on Wednesday.  Sigh.  I’m still kind of sick, but I’m on the getting better end.  On the plus side, my online professor gave me a week extension on a paper I had due last week, so that’s good.

Allow me to geek out for a moment.  Last Sunday I went to the optometrist’s to get new glasses to replace the ones that are currently being held together with superglue.  Unbeknownst to me, they were having a huge sale.  You guys, this meant that for the first time in my life, I got to get super high-quality glasses.  I’m in heaven.  I can’t wait to get them!  I got two pairs, actually.  It’s good to have a back-up pair just in case, oh, I don’t know, you fall down the cement stairs in front of your apartment and instead of having someone there to help you find them and superglue them back together you’re alone and trying to fix them while mostly blind.  Hey, it could happen.  So anyway, I got these sexy black/squarish frames with silver things on the side that look kind of like the claddagh.  Then I also got squarish wine colored frames with rhinestone flowers on the side.  (Just one on each side).  I’m going to be fashionable for once! Yes.

I’m looking forward to my weekend.  I’ll be trying on the loads of new clothes I bought online tonight and having a girly fashion show of them with my friend E. Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing my librarian buddies (Team Unicorn) for a pizza/gaming party, and Sunday I’ll be going out for dinner for Nina’s birthday.  Busy, busy, busy.  But I promise to get some reviews written and scheduled for next week!  Ye olde Wolfy is returning.  Swear.

Friday Fun! (Scott Pilgrim, How I Met Your Mother)

July 30, 2010 6 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  I hope you all had great weeks and got some time in for reading.  To my fellow Scott Pilgrim fans, I hope you got your hands on the final installment already.  If not, best get to it before the movie comes out next month, eh?  I don’t know if you’re aware, but the movie adaptation of the graphic novels was started before O’Malley had decided how the story was going to end, so the script writers kind of wrote their own ending.  O’Malley says he’s happy with the film ending, but I’m curious to see if I will be as well.  I was surprisingly happy with the ending of the graphic novel series.  Generally I can find something to gripe about at the end of series, but not this time.  I’m not sure if the movie can live up to it, but oh the third trailer has me really hopeful.

I was sick the beginning of the week with some sort of stomach thing, so I wound up watching a lot of tv.  I started watching How I Met Your Mother and in that sick haze, wound up getting almost all the way through the first four seasons.  It’s not a bad show.  A few of the episodes are hilarious, such as Slap-Bet.  The rest are at least entertaining.  I have to admit, though, if I knew the main characters in real life, I would absolutely hate them.  That doesn’t make it a bad show, but I doubt that’s the writers’ intention, since they based two of them on themselves.  Obviously the womanizing Barney is a character we’re supposed to love to hate, but I don’t think that’s the case with the rest of them.  Honestly, they’re all basically those people who just pick on anyone who isn’t exactly like them and apparently have no actual goals in life or morals.  It seems like kind of an empty existence for characters who are in their late 20s to early 30s, but oh well.  It’s good entertainment, but Friends is still better.

You can tell I spent a substantial portion of the week in bed, as I’m mostly yakking to you about tv shows and movies. Hm….oh! One of my pepper plants appears to finally have buds! I may have blossoms soon! I’m rather stoked.

Are any of you guys Scott Pilgrim fans?  How do you feel about the upcoming movie?  Any other thoughts on How I Met Your Mother?  I hope you all have lovely weekends!

Friday Fun! (Sick, Niece, Sweet Curry)

Hello my lovely readers!  This week persisted on being just as busy as the last few.  I’m hoping to have a chance for some r and r this week, but we shall see.

Monday I was home sick with some sort of a stomach thing, and slept through the movie adaptation of Witches of Eastwick.  Although I only saw the first little bit (and flicked in and out via sleep), I can say the book is set in the 1960s and everyone in the movie looked like they were in the 1980s, so that was weird.  Also, every time Jack Nicholson tried to act evil, all I could think of was The Shining, so that was distracting.

On Wednesday, a mere week after invasive heart surgery, my niece was discharged from Children’s and sent home.  Although I didn’t get to see her on that day, I had seen her earlier in the week, and she was looking quite good.  Thanks again to everyone for all your kind thoughts.

Thanks to a librarian friend on twitter, I was able to make the sweet curry recipe from Vive Le Vegan this week.  I quickly discovered that my casserole dish apparently only holds 2 servings, not 4, so had to halve the recipe.  It’s so insanely good though.  I think tomorrow I will put it going in my crockpot before heading out shopping with my friends Nina and E.  I get the feeling it’s the sort of dish that becomes more flavorful the longer it cooks.

Are you guys still in the springtime rush or are you already in the summer relaxation?