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Book Review: Definitely Dead By Charlaine Harris (Series #6)

Sookie needs to go to New Orleans for both personal and business reasons.  Her cousin Hadley had been a vampire but died her second death leaving everything to Sookie, so she needs to go clean out her apartment.  As far as business goes, the queen of Louisiana has also requested her presence to figure out if she will require Sookie’s services for the upcoming vampire summit.  When Sookie finds out that Hadley was the queen’s lover, a connection between the two purposes for the visit shows up that may be more significant than she at first realizes.

I’m glad I learned on some blog (wish I could remember which one) that a short story comes between the previous book and this one in the series, otherwise I would have thought I missed a book or something.  That annoying tendency to retell things that already happened?  Actually awfully helpful here, since I haven’t read that short story.  You don’t need to read the short story to enjoy this book, but I wish I had and advise you to as well.  If you’re interested, some investigation reveals that short story is contained in the collection of Sookie short stories called A Touch of Dead.

Also thankfully, my prediction that Dead as a Doornail was a random clunker and not a death toll for the series was correct.  Definitely Dead is a step back up in quality.  The multiple storylines actuall do reveal to be related and not just random throwaways designed to throw you off the scent of the main mystery.  We also get the addition of a new supe–part-demons–and some serious reveals.  I mean makes you rethink how you look at the entire story reveals.  To give you non-spoilery hints, you learn something about Bill and something about just why Sookie is so darn appealing to the supe guys.  I personally love that sort of thing, and I’m hoping these two reveals will help the series continue to grow and expand.

On the minus side, I have to come right out and say it that I am not impressed with Quinn.  I’m glad Sookie has become a bit more savvy about pursuing a long-term relationship, but with Quinn? Really?  The man’s looks don’t match what has been established to be Sookie’s type at all–tall and lean–he is instead the muscle-bound guy.  That suits some women, but it comes out of the blue that Sookie’s at all attracted to him.  Also, what’s with the purple eyes?  On what planet is it sexy for a man to have eyes not only an unnatural color, but an unnatural color that’s girly?  I of course dislike him for nonsuperficial reasons too.  He seems far too perfect.  He says those puke-inducing gushy things to Sookie that, I’m sorry, perfectly nice men just don’t say in real life, and you know why they don’t say them?  Because they sound corny and false and how the man treats you is far more important than what he says to you.  There’s also the fact that he originally came on to her when there was a fight to the death going on in front of them, something I find indicative of just how sympathetic he really is to other people.  Frankly, I just don’t find Quinn or Sookie’s interest in him believable.  Something just rings false about the whole thing.  It isn’t like her interactions with Eric, for example, that are full of witty banter and internal conflict about liking this person on both sides.  Quinn and Sookie’s conversations literally make me want to puke at how disgustingly sweet and false they sound.  Reading their conversations is like eating a twinkie.  A deep-fried twinkie.

Thankfully, there isn’t much Quinn in this book, so it’s still an enjoyable read and a sign of better things to come in the series.

3 out of 5 stars

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  1. December 15, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Hmm, I wonder if my inclination for romances made Quinn less puke-worthy for me? I’m used to them saying gushy things that no one says in real life. I totally disliked him in the following books, so your instincts are spot on.

    • December 15, 2009 at 11:00 am

      I tend to be decidedly not girly in the romance department. What I find romantic isn’t the traditional thing, so I’m used to that 😉

      I am glad to hear my instincts are spot-on though! I was wondering if it was just me being my “It’s much more romantic if you do the dishes for me” self than actual “Quinn’s bad” instinct.

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