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Book Review: Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina

February 16, 2021 Leave a comment

Set in New York City during the tumultuous year of 1977, this focuses on Nora, a Cuban-American 17-year-old in her final months of high school and the summer immediately after. Son of Sam is terrorizing the city, shooting young people at what seems to be random, there’s a heat wave, and a black-out. Nora needs to figure out what she’s going to do with her life after high school, but her younger brother, Hector, is becoming more uncontrollable, and she needs to help her mother with the rent. All she wants to do is go to the disco with the cute guy from work, but is that even safe with Son of Sam around?

I really enjoyed this one. The setting was great – all the fun of the 1970s with none of the exploitation or sexual violence often seen in the movies and books that came out of that era. That is not to say that there is no violence (domestic violence, drug abuse, drug paraphernalia, arson, homes threatened by fires, brief and not very descriptive animal abuse) are all present. But still, compared to the movies from that time period, the violence is minimal.

I also enjoyed that, while the events of 1977 definitely are present, there is no unrealistic connections between the main character and them. You know how sometimes a main character in a historic piece is written in as having done something pivotal or having some connection to a historic person. None of that here.

While I appreciated the presence of Stiller (a Black woman progressive downstairs neighbor), I would have liked any indication of the queer culture that was present in NYC, especially with some particularly interesting moments also occurring in the 1970s (like the start of Gaysweek or the NY ruling on trans* rights). Given how many characters are heavily involved in the women’s movement, it seems like it would have been fairly simple to have a bit of crossover or touchstone between these.

Another thing that I think could have taken this book up a notch for those less familiar with disco would be a song suggestion for each chapter or a Spotify playlist to go along with it. Whenever music features heavily in a historic book, I think this is a good idea.

If you’re looking to dive into a quick-paced YA featuring disco and the reassurance that bananas years do pass, I recommend picking this one up.

4 out of 5 stars

Length: 310 pages – average but on the longer side

Source: Library

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Friday Fun! (Talkin Bout a Heat Wave)

June 22, 2012 4 comments

Hello my lovely readers!

After an oddly cool month (which I was soooo not complaining about), Boston got hit starting Wednesday with a heat wave.  We’re talking 97 to 100 degrees (36ish degrees for my non-US followers).  You guys. I’ve. Been. Dying.

I am a northern girl. Cold weather is what I am all about.  Even if it’s super cold out, that is easily remedied by an electric blanket, hot chocolate, and a good book. What’s not to like about that picture?  Hot weather though. Ugh.  When it’s hot out your entire body is coated with sweat and then you proceed to look like a furry because your cat’s fur sticks all over said sweaty skin and everything itches and your feet are so swollen that you get blisters and bloodiness everywhere and…

Ok, maybe a lot of that is just me.  But still!

I tried so damn hard not to use my ac at all this summer, but around midnight on Wednesday night when my hair had dried in a record 30 minutes post cold shower I decided I had to cave, and I put in my ac unit all by myself.  (Sorry neighbors for the timing of that adventure).  In any case!  The gym must be working, because I was successful. Nothing was dropped and lifting that unit didn’t even seem that hard.  I am, however, relegated to sleeping on the couch directly in front of it until this heat wave is over.

Be sure to check out Waiting For Daybreak‘s Goodreads page, because the reviews and ratings are starting to come in!  Next week I will be announcing the tour schedule as well as the tour banner.

I’ve also been working on Ecstatic Evil‘s formatting and cover issues.  I am soooo glad I decided to do a novella first to practice.  I’m happy to say that the formatting issues are now entirely taken care of, and in response to multiple reviews not enjoying the cover, I’ve decided to give it a new one.  The original cover was designed by a friend.  Designing Waiting For Daybreak‘s cover showed me what style works for me and that I can do it myself.  So I’ve come up with a cover for Ecstatic Evil that will be designed by me in the more linocut fashion that you see on Waiting For Daybreak.  Anyway.  The new Ecstatic Evil cover will be announced next week, and there will be a surprise to celebrate it. 🙂

Happy weekends all, and I hope my fellow New Englanders manage to stay cool! *waves*

Friday Fun! (On the Heat Wave and Musings on Self-control)

July 22, 2011 6 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  Sorry this week was a bit short on reviews.  I actually finished a second book, but didn’t have time to write up the review.  It’ll be up Monday!  Sales of Ecstatic Evil are up into the double digits. Woo!  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to know that people are reading my story.  Of course, now I need to return my focus to the new book that will be out in October….

We’re having a disgusting heat wave in Boston this week.  The temperature has been regularly hitting 98 degrees (which is unfortunately not as fun as the boy band of the same name.  Yes I’m a child of the 90s).  I’ve been told by people not originally from the northeast that 98 degrees here feels insanely worse than 98 anywhere else in the US because we have horrible humidity to go with it.  I wouldn’t know, having never lived elsewhere in the States, but I believe them.  I’ve mostly been hiding in my living room with my window ac unit watching this show from Australia on Netflix.  (Um, it’s about three teenaged mermaids……It’s kind of awesome).

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about why doing what’s best for yourself can be so damn hard at times.  For instance.  Not only is fried food bad for people in general, but for me, it has a tendency to make me sick.  (I have IBS, which I discussed at length during Invisible Illness Awareness Week).  Anyway.  I know this.  I know that fried food tastes amazing but is bad for me and will make me sick.  Yet this week I still tried deep fried mac and cheese.  It tasted amazing, yes.  I also puked it right back up an hour later after having a stomachache for that whole hour.  All I could think for the whole hour was WHY did I do this to myself?  What is it about instant gratification that makes you ignore things like “this will make you sick stop it.”  I’m 25.  You’d think I’d have this whole self-control thing….well, under control by now.  But periodically I don’t, and I don’t know why that is.  I suppose it’s just part of being a person.  We all do stupid things sometimes.  I just…..wish we wouldn’t? Lol.

This weekend I’m hoping to see Captain America, get in some gym time, and maybe sell back some books to my local indie bookstore.  There’s also going to be a lot of time spent writing smack in front of my ac (if the cat will give me that primo spot back).  Happy weekends all!