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Movie Review: Hostel (2006)

January 13, 2011 3 comments

Claw-like weapon.Summary:
Two Americans traveling through Europe are disappointed at the lack of European lady action, when a Danish man informs them of a hostel in Eastern Europe where the women are all over Americans.  The men go there, but as new friends and finally one of them disappear, they discover a sinister game played by the Eastern Europeans.

The concept of this film is great.  A rural area where Europeans pay to torture to death people on a sliding scale based on the person’s nationality.  Unfortunately, the film takes way, way too long to get there.

My friend and I watching the film turned toward each other after about half an hour of seeing a gratuitous amount of tits and asked, “Um, is this a horror movie or a sex in Europe movie?”  Not that we were complaining about the nudity, it’s just we signed up for horror, blood, and guts, not sex.  Fine, set it up that these guys are vacationing in Europe, but don’t take so dammed long to do it.

The actual scenes of torture are truly gruesome.  There was much vocalization of “ahhh!” and “ewww!”  Yet the scenes lacked the depth of similar scenes in Saw or The Human Centipede, because the audience doesn’t yet know why the torture is occurring.  It simply feels like depraved torture porn, not part of a storyline.

The ending, however, makes up for that enough so that I’m still pleased I watched the film.  Obviously, I can’t tell you the ending, but it is cathartic and surprising.

Overall, fans of horror and Tarantino will be pleased they took the time to watch this film, others should steer clear, however.

3 out of 5 stars

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