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Publication Announcement: Space Fantasy: “Legends as Told by the Laborers of the Forest Solar System Logging Corp. – An Oral History Project”

Image of a journal logo. The silhouette of a crow holds two old-fashioned skeleton keys in his beak. The moon is behind him. The name of the journal is below the crow. Crow & Cross Keys.

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my space fantasy short story in Crow & Cross Keys literary journal.

This literary journal is 100% free, so please give it a click and a perusal!

Here’s a blurb about my piece.

Oral history interview with an anonymous retired logger (Interviewee #15) for the Forest Solar System Logging Corp. Interview conducted by Tess Dalgleish on stardate 99938 on Planet Minnesota. Topic of the interview is the legend of Paul Bunyan. This version includes Babe the Big Blue Ox.

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