Disclaimers & Comment Policy

I am an Amazon Associate and Bookshop.org Affiliate.  If you click a link on my blog to Amazon or Bookshop.org then buy an item, I get a small percentage of the sale.  However, all of my reviews are my honest opinion, and all links are entirely my choice.

Sometimes I post product or service reviews with referral codes or coupon links. My opinions of these products and services are entirely honest. But for most of these I get a small compensation if someone makes a purchase using my referral/coupon code. See all my product and service referral codes and reviews here.

Some of the books I review are free copies provided by the author or publisher. A book being free does not impact my review. Look at “source” in each review to see how I acquired the book. “NetGalley” means it was provided to me for free by the author or publisher via NetGalley, a website that connects authors/publishers with reviewers. If I received a free copy directly from the author or publisher, I note this clearly next to “source” in my review.

Comments that I find harmful, hateful, erroneous, that conflate my opinion with that of the book being reviewed, or that are otherwise unnecessarily negative are either removed or not approved. Please keep in mind when commenting this is my personal blog. You may find your goals in your comment are better met by leaving your own review on GoodReads, a book purchasing website such as Amazon, or perhaps by starting your own blog.

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