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If you love zombies like I do, you’re probably already aware of the big zombie stories and their merch. The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies, World War Z, The Last of Us, Night of the Living Dead. Now you’re thinking to yourself….I want the quirky zombies, the less well-heard-of-zombies. Maybe even the fandom inside joke zombies. Then this page is for you.

Here I’ve the slightly more uncommon zombie themed reads, crafts, and more that I recommend. Spice up your zombie fandom with the following…..


Image of a digital book cover. A bowl rests on a blue table. It has what looks like a human heart in it with a knife stabbing into it.

Hungry for You by A.M. Harte (Amazon. Not available on Bookshop.org)

Length: 122 pages – novella

Genre: Short story and poetry collection, dark romance

A haunting short story and poetry collection that straddles the darkness between passion and destruction with 14 tales about love, heartache, and the dead rising. Here, anything is possible — a dying musician turns to tea for inspiration; a boyfriend is relentlessly pursued by his ex; a young wife is trapped in a house hiding unimaginable evil…With Hungry For You, A.M. Harte playfully unearths the thin boundary between love and death.

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Image of a digital book cover. A voodoo doll lies next to a partially burnt down pink candle.

Lucky Stiff by Tonia Brown (Amazon. Not available on Bookshop.org.)

Length: 248 pages – average but on the shorter side

Genre: Erotica

Peter’s just a young 18 on his first spring break to New Orleans with his friends when he accidentally takes ecstasy instead of sleeping pills and dies.  His friends, terrified, drag his corpse off to a local voodoo priestess who raises him with her special kind of magic–tantric magic.  Somehow this method of raising Peter combined with the time of year makes Peter into a very special kind of zombie.  One who can feed off of female orgasms instead of human flesh if he so chooses.

My full review.

Image of a digital book cover. A white woman with a gray tint to her skin stands in profile. She has a white mohawk with pink tips. Blood drips from. her mouth.

My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland (Amazon or Bookshop.org)

Length: 320 pages – average but on the longer side

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Angel wakes up in the hospital to discover she was found naked and overdosed on drugs on the the side of the road in her small town after a fight with her boyfriend, Randy. Someone mysteriously drops off medicinal energy drinks along with a note that she must work loyally for at least a month at a job newly acquired for her at the city morgue. A high school drop-out living with her alcoholic and periodically abusive father, Angel decides that she should seize this opportunity. It certainly helps that pills and alcohol no longer seem to do anything for her. As her oddly gloppy energy drinks start to run out, though, Angel finds herself having cravings for something found in the morgue–brains.

My full review.

Image of a digital book cover. Picture of a desert vista covered in a red tinge. It's surrounded by barbed wire. A bunny is in the lower left third.

Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park by William Bebb (Amazon. Not available on Bookshop.org.)

Length: 363 pages – average but on the longer side

Genre: Humorous

When Josey arrives a secluded trailer park near Albuquerque to empty their septic tank, it soon becomes apparent that not all is right in the park. In fact, most of the residents have turned to zombies. As Josey’s fight for survival goes on, we meet a quirky cast of survivors, bystanders, perpetrators–and zombies: illegal immigrants who call the valley home, their exploitative factory boss, a WWII veteran and grandpa, his young grandson, a paraplegic Vietnam Vet, a boa constrictor, bicycling missionaries, and many more. Will anyone survive the valley of death?

My full review.

Image of a digital book cover. The silhouette of a woman and her cat sit looking out at a sunrise. There is blood spatter on the horizon.

Waiting for Daybreak by Amanda McNeil (Amazon. Not available on Bookshop.org.)

Length: 176 pages – average but on the shorter side

Genre: Women’s Fiction

I just want to live like normal people. But my Borderline Personality Disorder fills each day with emotional pain. And drives other people away. Not that there’s anyone to drive away anymore…

Frieda’s a struggling twenty-something young professional when the apocalypse comes. Overnight, Boston falls apart as a rapidly spreading virus makes her neighbors crave brains. Enough to kill for them.

She survives alone for a whole year in her urban studio apartment. And she surprises herself by managing her mental illness better than she did before. When her beloved cat becomes ill, Frieda goes on a quest to save her. It sets off a chain of events that challenges everything.

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Zombie Shiromo Pui Pui Molcar Model (Amazon)
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