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How to Google Within One Website (Tip Tuesday)

February 14, 2017 Leave a comment


How to Google Within One WebsiteWelcome to Tip Tuesday. A how to series where I give you quick tips to make your life easier. For all Tip Tuesday features, click here.

You know how some websites can be just huge and nearly impossible to navigate? Organizations, universities, large companies, and more often have so much information that what you need can feel like it’s incredibly buried, and often their own search engines just aren’t as powerful as a good Google can be. Well, you can actually make Google search within just one website from within that website itself. Here’s how.

First, go to the website you want to search within. I’m going to use the WHO as an example.


Second, click up into the url. Move your cursor to the very beginning of it. Type in search terms for what you’re looking for then put in “site:” right before the url. I’ll pretend I’m looking for zika for my example.


Third, hit enter. You will be brought to a Google search results page where all of the results come from within your website.


You can do this on any website, but you do need to have Google set as your preferred search engine on your browser.

Thanks for joining me for Tip Tuesday!


Friday Fun! (Things I Did This Week)

September 30, 2011 4 comments

Hello my lovely readers!  I’ve been up to quite a lot this week:

Like, I read a book for Amy’s Nigerian Independence Day reading project (post will be up later today).

I decided that I desperately need more money flowing into my bank account, so I found a part-time job at a local restaurant.  I already had my first shift and really enjoyed myself.

I went out for beers to watch the Sox with my downstairs neighbor. We will not discuss the outcome of the game. *coughs*

I discovered that there are free games on Google+!! And I found this amazeballs game called City of Wonder, which is kind of like SimCity, only you’re building a civilization, and you get to attack other civs.  It’s seriously good times.

I bought two pairs of jeans for the first time in like five years. I am now fit enough that they’re semi-comfortable and look cute!

I’ve been working my patootie off on Tova 2.  Hopefully the draft should be done by the end of this weekend.

Oh, and I co-wrote a guest post with my friend on her blog.  If you have any curiosity about the snarky librarian side of my life, feel free to check it out.

This weekend I’m going to Salem with my friend Sara, working a shift at the restaurant, hopefully bathing the cat (and not dying), doing some yoga, and just generally being my busy, awesome self. Happy weekends!