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Book Review: The Last of the Demon Slayers by Angie Fox (series, #4)

Female legs with sword and dog near tombstone.Summary:
Lizzie is back from Greece with her hunky griffin boyfriend, Dimitri, and the geriatric witch biker gang (not to mention her talking dog Pirate and Pirate’s pet adolescent dragon Flappy) with plans to help the witches finally set up a real home at a New Jersey biker bar after years on the run.  Of course nothing has ever gone according to Lizzie’s plans since the day she turned 30 and inherited her demon slayer powers.  Naturally, her birth father shows up in a pillar of fire begging her to help free him from a bad situation with an even badder demon in California.  Thus, Lizzie and the gang wind up following fairy trails across the country in an attempt to stop the demon, who just so happens to be out to kill demon slayers too.

Ah, this series. I have such a love/hate relationship with this series!  That’s mainly because I love everyone except Lizzie and Dimitri.  Why why is everyone else in this world so hilarious and relaxed, whereas Lizzie and Dimitri are basically THAT couple.  You know THAT couple.  They’re the ones who met each other during freshman orientation week and proceeded to have the perfect dream relationship throughout all four years of college and promptly moved in together and got engaged after.  They’re the ones where the girl whines and bitches to you about some minor fight she had with her dude during your junior year when you’ve barely slept in three days and haven’t had a date in months. THAT COUPLE.  It’s hard to root for that couple.

On the other hand, though, there’s everyone else.  The geriatric biker witches are amazeballs.  I would pay good money to have a bunch of older women like that in my life.  They’re strong, empowered, and bound and determined to live their life to the fullest no matter what society says they should be doing.  Interestingly, grandma gets a boyfriend this entry, and Lizzie is none too happy about it.  Grandma tells her unequivocally that old people have sex. Yes! What?  Lizzie is the only one who should be making everyone eye-roll with her sexy antics?  I think not.

Then of course there’s Pirate and Flappy.  Hilarious animal characters hit my heart *right here*.  I would put up with almost anything just to see Pirate trying to train Flappy to sit.  Seriously.  Fox has a real talent for writing animal dialogue that is believable without being too sophisticated.  It’s clear she has some critters in her life.  For instance, Pirate runs up to Lizzie excited to see her yelling “Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie!” and then proceeds to beg for food.  Typical doggy.

The plot definitely thickens in this entry.  I’m not sure I’m totally happy with how it has.  Essentially, it turns out there are actually more demon slayers, and as a Buffy fan, this just irritated me.  I don’t like being told there’s only one only to have more show up.  Either there are a lot of slayers or there aren’t.  Plus, did we really have to make the new slayer so feminine?  Lizzie is already a pretty extraordinarily feminine slayer.  It’d be nice to have some variety.  On the other hand, the rest of the plot of the supernatural world is interesting.  There’s Lizzie’s father plus a visit to purgatory.  I’m betting that the next entry will start to confront the presence of “good” supernatural creatures, since we’ve now visited hell and purgatory.  If Dante taught me anything, it’s that that leaves only one place to go.

It’s interesting how I can’t stop reading this series even though I can’t seem to make up my mind how much I like it.  I’ve rated entries everywhere from 3.5 to 5 stars.  I think in general the experience of the hilarious side-kicks and minor characters off-sets the annoying main couple enough that I can kinda sorta mostly ignore them.  There’s also always the hope that they’ll break up, which I root for in every book.

Overall, if you’ve stuck with the series this far, you’ll enjoy this entry.  It takes the focus off the griffins and puts it back on Lizzie and her biological family.  The ever-expanding cast of characters all fit together smoothly and hilariously.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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